Polishing Conditioners – A Polishing conditioner restores the natural shine of your natural hair, and the first day of colored hair while allowing the healthy look and feel to the hair. A special blend of herbs has been introduced into your conditioner to polish your hair. And also to promote a longer lasting shine. $6.00

Fuzz Control – Take back control of your hair with this professional strength formula that will only remove the Fuzz. But will also eliminate the split ends, add static guard and restore your manageability. A special additive has been introduced into your conditioning formula that will cultivate your hair in a way that will allow your elegant hairstyles to look more appealing.  This treatment is recommended for color treated hair, it will eliminate the dryness of color treated hair. And restore the natural look to the hair. $12.00

Dandruff Buster – Add sex appeal to your list of who I am. When you receive this treatment that will remove all traces of dandruff and will allow the moisture of your scalp to be restored and stop the itching . This treatment is recommended weekly for those who are suffering from uncontrolled dandruff. $14.00

Clay Pack – Dry and broken no more. The clay conditioner re-ignites the molecules in the cuticle to teach the hair to moisturize itself and bring back its strength to stop the breaking. This treat is recommended for those with color-treated hair  and also damaged hair. This treatment will restore the strength to your hair. This is a deep conditioning treatment.$14.00

Restoration Restore the life and vigor, and bring back the volume to your hair. A blend of herbs, hot oils, and also minerals are used to grasp the essence of the sensual side of your hair and allow the fullness of your hair to blossom. $14.00

All treatments come complete with a scalp and neck massage.

We only use the finest products in the market

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