General On Location Rates
Day Rate: $550
Typical Hourly Rate is $100 (minimum 2 hours)
Typical Overtime Rate is $200

Day Rate
A full day rate will be charged if the artist is needed on call for the whole day. A day rate consists of eight consecutive hours, with one hour lunch break. This booking arrangement cannot be changed after the artist arrives for the appointment. Day rate must be specified at the time of booking and must be paid even if the artist is not used for the full day.

Overtime charges occur after 8 hours or before 9 am and after 5 pm.

Typically this is $125 for the bride and $60 per person in the wedding party.

If Carlos is needed for on-call or reception touchups additionally hourly or day rates would apply. The artist does style hair but he can recommend brilliant stylists that can assist. Also, if it is a very large wedding party, he can bring talented assistant makeup assistants as needed.

Film – Television – Web – Video
Rates depend on the services required and the duration of the production.

Please contact me to review terms.

Modeling, Portfolio and Talent
Rates depend on the scale of the project.

Personal Consultation
$200 for a 2 hour consultation (makeup lesson)

Time For Print and Time for Credit
The artist will consider TFP/TFC, but her decision is based on the project, model, and photographer.

Charity Work
We look forward to all charity work requests. Please contact Carlos with details.

8+ days prior to booking. Less than one (1) week prior to booking, the 2 hour minimum fee will be imposed.

A 1/2 day rate will apply to cancellations that are not made at least 24 hours notice for all days of the project. Cancellations due to weather conditions are not charged.

Travel costs outside the Greater Atlanta area is negotiable at the time of booking. Client is responsible for ALL traveling fees and/or additional costs the artist incurs.